IKECONIC is an Indianapolis-based Branding, Digital, and Video Production agency that focuses on delivering business goals through new technologies, products, and services.

Business Partnerships

These achievements are all accomplished in collaboration with clients and doing business the right way. That begins with building a relationship with clients based on a foundation of openness, honesty and trust. With IKECONIC, clients can expect their needs to be handled with care, respect, and our desire to exceed expectations — not just meet them.


IKECONIC matches appropriate resources to a specific need, budget, and expertise, giving the client the best bang for the buck. It’s about the passion in what you do, the conviction to be unique, and the peace of mind that comes with being able to look forward to that next meeting.

All brands are not created equal. Only one can be IKECONIC.


IKECONIC and MediaFuel have a long-standing history of working together. I actually hired MediaFuel years ago when I was on the client side and was so impressed, I brought them in any time I could. Those early projects turned into a strategic collaboration that our clients have come to appreciate and respect. We remain our own unique brands so that we can provide customized, appropriate, and needs-based solutions for our clients. We don’t charge our clients for expertise they don’t need or can afford. I also believe that no one can deliver the level of strategy, expertise, and digital solutions as the team at MediaFuel.

Our Latest Work